I like to integrate a range of complementary healing methods to help adults and children to make lasting changes. Together we address serious concerns such as: stress relief, anxiety, anger, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), pain, weight problems, cravings, compulsive behaviour, phobias, fear of presenting in public, sleep problems, grief, shame, rejections – or whatever else may be presenting.


I’ve wanted to have a Blog for ages. Years! It just never seemed the right time and I didn’t have a suitable format. Now that I’ve finally developed a website for my healing work, the time has come.

I’ve recently removed my original site from 2001 (

It was so old and dilapidated that my host said I couldn’t change or add anything. So it more or less just sat there in cyberspace. Until now.

In 2001 I’d pretty much left the world of advertising apart from some occasional freelance writing. My initial foray into another world was through my natural skincare range. I was embracing all things healing. Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) were a major focus and still are for my personal use. Occasionally I still introduce the essences to clients of course.

I had never, ever planned to go into the ‘beauty business’. Naively I had thought it would be easy to help people heal their skin problems with the help of the fabulous flower essences in good, natural-base products, without the usual nasty chemicals.

Except that I didn’t do the due diligence. Had never heard of the Therapeutics Goods Association (TGA), so I didn’t realise I couldn’t claim “healing” rights for skin products. Even though the ABFE clearly did help people with skin issues. It was a rude awakening to know I couldn’t spread the word on that basis. I can laugh about it now. With typical exuberance, I had rushed in and registered “Oh! Naturale Pty Ltd” as a company. Seemed perfectly apt and fortunately the company name still seems quite suitable for my practitioner work.

At the start, a friend had an odd ticking sensation going on under one eye. I had just learned to use a pendulum to dowse, so I checked out which would be the best essence combination to add into a good-quality base cream. Well … not only did the combo help her relieve her eye ticking, she declared it was great as an eye cream. I was off and away.

In a short time, I developed about 12 product lines. Very adventurous. I did all sorts of exploration and promotion. For a brief time, I had my range in some prestigious stores, one in Melbourne, several in Queensland. I was selling locally and overseas by direct mail. People were hungry for natural products and many quietly understood how the flower essences could help beyond what my labels could promise. Then I had to pull back. Within a short time, with new-found knowledge and in fear of over-stepping official guidelines, I began to only mention my products in one-on-one situations. The dream was crushed. They became something of a beautiful secret.

Even now there are people from the start who still purchase direct from me. I used to suggest to a new client to use my creams on one side of the face for a week to gauge the improvement. It soon became obvious. The only ones who aren’t suited to my products are people taking Lipitor medication, or similar, for cholesterol issues. I use a natural preservative with grapefruit extract and unfortunately that can cause a reaction with such meds. Fortunately not everyone’s on them!

Direct marketing is the way I continue with my Oh! Naturale products. These days I have a smaller range of core products. My main focus now lies in helping people to change and heal in other ways.

I expect I’ll mention my Oh! Naturale products in later blogs in case anyone’s interested. I’ve decided they can only be sold in Australia though. International postage costs are so ridiculously high, it’s not something I want to pursue.

Dowsing however continues as being very important to my work today. I’m the Vice-President of the Dowsing Society of Victoria Inc (DSV) and the DSV Newsletter Editor. I’m often invited to give talks to groups like the Theosophical Society (TS). In my business, I either teach dowsing one-on-one, or I run classes for beginners and for advanced dowsing (to change energy).

So often people feel powerless to make changes in their lives, yet with knowledge like dowsing, we can be empowered to bring healing to ourselves, others and animals. I use dowsing to transform relationships, situations and sometimes even the weather (a passion of mine). Such advanced dowsing isn’t widely known or often shared.

Having taken the plunge with this site, the next one is in the pipeline. It definitely will be faster than this site was in coming together. I’m working on dowsingheals(dot)com and it will be up and running when time permits. It will give me the opportunity to properly promote my book, “Dowsing Heals”, as a printed version in Australia and as an eBook internationally.

Heather Wilks

Director of Oh! Naturale Pty. Ltd.

Office hours: 9.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday – Melbourne Australia time
Mobile: 0414 836 654 (+61 414 836 654)
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