Meet Heather

To introduce myself …

I had worked in the corporate world for many years. When my father died unexpectedly, I felt drawn to ways of specialised healing.

Opportunities to train in progressive alternatives and metaphysics appeared. I was drawn to teachers who challenge the status quo.

People like Robert G. Smith who founded the FasterEFT style of Meridian Tapping, powered up with Neurolinguistic Programming. Raymon Grace who transformed my Pendulum Dowsing skills for healing and expanded remote work – including ways to transform relationships and difficult situations. Amy Jo Ellis with her Court of Atonement channelling. Melissa Tiers from the Center for Integrative Hypnosis. Judith Richards, creator of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). Plus Inna Segal with the magical insights in her book,  “The Secret Language of Your Body”.

Now I work to help people like you or someone close to you to reach for more out of life.

  • Better health
  • Better opportunities
  • Better relationships
  • More peace
  • More fun. Lots more fun.

Mind-body healing …

It was exciting to discover that the body is designed to heal itself. It just needs the right circumstances. Happily, I find balancing mind-body connections works more magically than a pill. As a counsellor, and integrative change worker, I work to bring things into balance.

Complementary healing …

I help adults and children to make lasting changes. Together we can address many serious stress-related concerns. These include a wide range of problems. It can be anxiety, anger, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Then again, it might be pain, weight problems, cravings or compulsive behaviour. Alternatively, the stress might be showing up to underpin phobias, fear of presenting in public or as a sleep problem. Often it can be grief, shame, rejection or betrayal. 

In my healing  practice I offer hypnosis, meridian tapping, guided meditation and much more.

Confidential consultations are available via Zoom, almost anywhere in the world.

Let me know what you’re looking to change.

Heather Wilks

Director of Oh! Naturale Pty. Ltd.

Mobile: 0414 836 654 (+61 414 836 654)
Email: please use this form to send an email.