As an integrative psychotherapist I offer a range of complementary modalities, working with adults and children alike to make lasting changes related to stress. It could be anxiety, anger, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), pain, weight problems, cravings, compulsive behaviour, phobias, fear of presenting in public, sleep problems, grief, shame, rejections – or whatever else is holding you or a loved one back.

Just imagine.
Waking up feeling happier, healthier.
Enthusiastic about your new day.
Feeling peaceful.
Free of stress, anxiety and more. That’s over. It’s gone.

Imagine the difference. How much would your life change?

Let’s talk if…
• more traditional ways of healing haven’t been helping you enough
• you have physical or emotional pain
• you have a situation that feels simply dreadful.

As part of working with someone I teach different techniques to reduce the impact of emotional and physical pain. That’s empowering. My goal is to help you or someone you care about achieve profound results and create deep changes – in less time than more conventional methods.

Heather Wilks

Director of Oh! Naturale Pty. Ltd.

Office hours: 9.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday – Melbourne Australia time
Mobile: 0414 836 654 (+61 414 836 654)
Email: please use this form to send an email.